Family Law Lawyer

"The most important work lawyers can do is to protect the family from unnecessary distress."

  Divorce & Alimony
Legal Seperation
      Dispute Resolution
      Parental Relocations
      Third Party Visitation Rights

    Custody & Support
        The first is decision making responsibility for the child
        The second factor is parenting time
    Prenuptial Agreements                  

       Some life circumstances that may call for a prenuptial agreement include:

  • One member of the couple coming to the marriage with significant assets
  • The desire to separately provide for children of a previous marriage
  • The existence of a non corporate business or professional practice
  • The likelihood of a significant future inheritance

    Family Law Appeals


    Wills & Probate

    Reed Law     

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Settlement Facilitation

Techniques Employed

Traditional Mediation

Interest based settlement facilitation

Responsibility for the process and ultimate resolution

Mediator/ Lawyers

Parties to the dispute



Joint meetings

Role of Mediator

To ‘broker a deal’ or to act as an outside and empowered 3rd party “judge” with the moral authority to decide the merits of the various view points

To explore the psychological, emotional and value-laden issues of the conflict and those that may lie beneath the stated conflict.

Asset Division and Evaluation

Equitable Distribution


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