Estate Administration Services



        Many tasks involved in estate administration are clerical, and are not required to be performed by an attorney.  Advances in word processing and computing technology allow us to perform these duties efficiently and economically, and it is our object to pass these savings along to our clients.  All documents are reviewed and signed by an attorney when required.



        Functions such as Federal, State and Local Tax Preparation and Filing, preparation of Estate Petitions, inventories, accounting , income and expense management and the like which can be performed by staff will be charged not as a percentage of Estate but at a rate of $145-$175 per hour depending upon complexity and time commitment. We perform most functions quickly.  We don’t expect you to pay for our learning an unusual task.

         Certain functions must be performed by an attorney at law.  These include reviewing and signing all Court filings such as Petitions, Motions, Inventories and Accountings which we prepare and appearing in Court, if necessary.  Currently, the rate for our attorney is $250 per hour of real time.  You may use your attorney at whatever rates you negotiate.

         A schedule of Court approved fees as a percentage of total estate is included herein.  As we evaluate your estate, it may be possible to agree to choose the lesser of hourly charges or the approved rates.  Speak with the Estate lawyer.

         Our rates do not include certain administrative costs such as filing fees, Court charges or extraordinary documents delivery or fax charges.

         We invite free and open discussion of our fee structure at all stages throughout our service.


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